Tuesday, August 15, 2017

311 Concert Rocks New Orleans (August 04, 2017)

27 Years as a band from Omaha, 311 can still put on a kick-ass show

By: Peter Egan

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Hi, my name is Peter Egan. On Friday, August 04, 2017, I was privileged to experience my tenth 311 concert. Of the ten, two were 311 Day (March 11) shows in New Orleans, and the two are easily the two best concerts I've ever had the pleasure of being in attendance.

311 Performs in New Orleans

I'm a huge 311 fan, as you might have guessed by the fact that I know every lyric to every song they've ever written as a band, and have seen them in concert ten - TEN - times. To put that into perspective, the next closest bands for whom I've seen live performances, are Pearl Jam with three and No Doubt with two. I've always wanted to see an Incubus show, but the logistics have never worked out.

Peter Egan and friends at 311 show in NOLA

The concert wasn't among the best 311 shows I've been to (having seen two 311 days, albeit I've yet to make the 311 Day cruise when the band opts for that instead of a mega-concert, typically involving them performing for 4-5 hours. The set list was a mere 24 songs, nine of which were from 311's most recent album (it debuted about a month ago), "Mosaic."

I found it a bit odd that 311 did not play a single song from any of their most recent studio albums prior to Mosaic. I just hope the set list was assembled to make the most members of the audience happy, and not a reflection of the band's perception of their four albums preceding Mosaic.

311 Symbol at start of concert when the band first took the stage.

It was a good show. All things considered I'd rate it an 8/10. I've been to better 311 shows and I've been to at least one that left me unsatisfied.

Choosing Champions Square near the Superdome for the venue was a great idea. The acoustics were spectacular, and I found there to be better sound quality than any of the shows I've attended next door at the Smoothie King Center.

Nick Hexum singing at 311 concert in New Orleans - 2017 Mosaic Tour

As long as these guys keep making new music and going on tour, performing live, I'll keep buying those digital downloads and concert tickets.