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How Long Should You Be Chumming Before Actually Fishing?

Catfish Chum: How Many Days in Advance Should You Chum Before Fishing?

By: Peter Egan

How long before fishing should catfish chum be deposited into the water in and around the desired fishing hole?

Catfish chum is a wonderful enhancement to any catfish fishing experience for many reasons, most notably because it will help the fisherman catch more and bigger catfish, and depending on the location possibly other species as well.

How to Make Catfish Chum from Dog Food

As many readers of this blog are probably already aware, much time and effort is devoted to the topic of fishing over at the Peter Egan YouTube Channel, and in particular fishing for freshwater catfish. While reading and replying to comments on one of these videos recently, I came across a comment by a gentleman named Robert Chillcott, who shared with viewers that his preference is to wait a week and a half to two weeks after planting scent in the water before returning to actually go fishing in the waters where the chum was deployed.

"I always waited about a week in a half to two weeks to fish an area that I baited." ~ Robert Chillcott
A week and a half to two weeks may seem like a rather lengthy wait for most fishermen, many o whom probably plan their fishing trips on far less notice than that. Paul Atkinson was one such fisherman.

Asked Mr. Atkinson:

Really? You hang the chum and let it soak that long before fishing it?
I decided to jump in here since the discussion was taking place on my YouTube channel in response to a video teaching viewers to learn to use dog food as catfish chum*, a technique in which the fisherman takes one or more cans of large dog food, pokes plenty of holes in each can with a pocket knife, then ties the cans to a metal wire before suspending them in the water at or around the desired fishing location.

Back to the question of how long must one start the chumming process before baiting that first hook, let me make clear that it is not necessary to start chumming efforts 1.5 to 2 weeks in advance if traveling to and from your fishing spot is overly burdensome. Notice that greater portion the previous sentence is underlined, with the latter half of the statement in bold. This is deliberate.

While one can have plenty of success beginning chumming efforts only a few days before the planned fishing trip, and will likely still experience better results waiting until the day of the fishing to chum the water than if no chum had been used at all, there's a science to why those of us with ease-of-access to water (or opportunity to venture out to the fishing hole a week or more in advance) prefer to do so whenever possible.

I can't really speak for still bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds. The lack of movement of the water makes the patterns of movement by the fish far more difficult to predict. However with regard to rivers, streams, canals, bayous or any other bodies of moving water, regardless of pace, that movement of the water carries the scent downstream (or in whichever direction the water is traveling).

Catfish Feeding Frenzy

The objective is to use a chum that is soluble enough to get immediate effects, with scent being released immediately serving as an attractant that lures fish into the area, appetite inducer that makes the fish hungry, and ideally also a drug of sorts that causes the fish to part with their rational judgment in favor of "feeding frenzy" type behavior. However, the ideal catfish chum will also be insoluble/dense enough that it doesn't all dissolve at once, but rather over the course of a week or two. This retains the scent in the area in which you plan to fish, while also steadily disseminating a scent trail downstream, covering as much aquatic linear and cubic distance as possible. Ideally, a chum that meets these criteria and smells good to the fish will consolidate all of the catfish that encounter the scent trail over the course of the week right in the very spot you'll be fishing.

With rivers like the Tchefuncte (the river which the bayou my home is located on connects to) where water levels can vary widely based on local and regional rainfall, as well as tidal movements in the Tchefuncte's case, you'll typically observe the best results from your chumming efforts when the water level recedes due to whatever the reason. As the water drains out, the scent is spread far and wife. When the water eventually subsides to mean levels, with the water come fish - lots of them.

The exception to this rule would be in a very large, fast-moving river such as the Mississippi, where there is to much water traveling at too great a speed for chum to produce the same effects that it does in most moving freshwater bodies, rivers, creeks and streams.

*Of the many different techniques I've tried while chumming for catfish, using dog food has yielded some of the best results if done properly.

The first embedded video within this post teaches viewers to use canned dog food as catfish (and other fish) chum. The subsequent videos consist of catfish eating dry dog food off of the surface of the water inside of a boat slip located along a bayou which drains into the Tchefuncte River in Covington, Louisiana.

Catfish Eating Dog Food

Reader questions and comments are welcome both at this blog and on the respective YouTube pages for each fishing video featured within this post.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Target Practice

Target Practice

Below are some photos of Peter Egan's cousins Brooke and Bailey Gonzales taking target practice. 

The final image is a target that Peter fired 8 rounds at from 75 yards with a .243 hunting rifle. All eight shots hit the target (two hit the same spot), including one bull's-eye.

Brooke Gonzales taking target practice.

Brooke did very well, hitting the target more often than not.

Bailey Gonzales taking target practice.

Bailey took a little while to get the hang of it, but once she did she was deadly from 150 feet.

Peter Egan hit the target with all 8 rounds he fired, including one bull's-eye.

Above is the target that I (Peter) used at 75 yards (225 feet), firing eight rounds with a .243 hunting rifle. All eight shots hit the target, with two rounds going through the hole bottom-right. I hit the bull's-eye once, and was inside the inner circle with all 8 rounds.

I would say that's decent marksmanship for a guy who hadn't fired a gun in over a year prior to this.

While not the actual gun used in these photos, below is photograph of a .243 hunting rifle, which is the gun we were all using when these pictures were taken.

I don't hunt because I don't like the cold. I'd much rather be fishing, especially fishing for catfish.

I have to go to my parents' house to take target practice as the area in which I reside is too suburban to fire a gun.

Trichinella Worm Spreads Through Undercooked Bear Meat

The Trichinella Roundworm: Diarrhea So Bad It's Scarier Than Being Attacked By A Bear

By: Peter Egan

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia dubunked a long-standing and common myth regarding roundworm infections and their respective sources.

Explosive Diarrhea

Most people have never even heard of a parasite (a roundword, to be specific) called Trichinella. The Trichinella worm, once it makes its way inside the digestive tract of humans, attaches itself to the intestinal walls resulting in a parasitic infection known as Trichinosis.

Bear Meat

Trichinella is most commonly spread by way of undercooked bear meat. Luckily, bear meat is not commonly eaten, but enough people eat it for it to be the leading cause of Trichinosis.

What would possess someone to go out of their way to eat undercooked bear meat is beyond me. In fact, until I first got word of the CDC report, I had never even heard of people consuming meat from bears.

Trichinella Worm

The most common side effects of the Trichinella worm and subsequent Trichinosis infections are intense pain and cramping in the abdominal region, as well as severe, intense and often explosive diarrhea.

One final note on Trichinella, here is what the Wikipedia page had to say on the matter:

"Trichinella is the genus of parasitic roundworms of the phylum Nematoda that cause trichinosis. Members of this genus are often called trichinella or trichina worms. A characteristic of nematoda are one-way digestive tract, and a pseudoceolom (body cavity made up of only an ectoderm and endoderm)."

Trichinosis Infection - Eyes

For more health articles please visit Peter's mother''s website. Dr. Pamela Egan, Peter's mother, has a wealth of health and wellness articles available for free on her website,

Peter is knowledgeable about health due to his entire family working in the healthcare industry. His mother and sister are doctors. His brother manages EGAN Caregivers and his father owns and is President and CEO of the premiere home care agency in southeast Louisiana.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Research Suggest BHRT More Effective, Less Risky Than Synthetic HRT

New Research Reveals Bioidentical Hormones to be At Least as Effective as Synthetic HRT, and Much Safer

By: Peter Egan (Jr.) and Dr. Pamela Egan

New research by an already highly acclaimed doctor and medical scientist has shown Bioidentical Hormones to be At Least as Effective as Synthetic HRT, while posing far fewer risks. This according to research conducted by doctor and medical scientist Dr. Pamela Egan of the EGAN Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic and the EGAN Skin Care and Med Spa.

Dr. Egan's research has raised new questions about the way menopausal women are treated for symptoms associated with menopause. Notably, while bioidentical hormones achieved the same or better results in terms of symptom relief and restoration of overall health, patients who used synthetic hormones throughout the trial ended up with a litany of unwanted side effects, in particular excessive amounts of estradiol, a form of estrogen that is harmful to the human body and has been linked to breast, uterine and ovarian cancers (as well as other cancers) in women.[1]

It (estrone/estrodiol) prostate cancer in men who have abnormally high estradiol levels. Bodybuilders and athletes commonly experience this with age as excessive free testosterone is converted by the male body into estrone and then estradiol. Men with low testosterone but high estrogen levels are also considered to be a high-risk group.[2] Ironically, it is the men with the highest testosterone levels who have the highest probability of developing gender-specific cancer (prostate) resulting in part from the excess testosterone being converted into excessive amounts of a women's hormone with its share of negative side effects.[3]

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Covington, LA
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

The research has been presented to the medical sciences center at Southeastern Louisiana University, and is awaiting publication in one of the major trade journals for doctors and medical science. Once an agreement with a publication has been reached and the actual research along with its various components published, this article as well as the article appearing on Dr. Egan's website will be updated to reflect that by linking to the official debut of the research documentation.

While the clinical trial focused on the outcomes as each respective type of hormone (bioidentical or synthetic) on menopausal women, there has been ample research showing that the same may be true for men as well.[4] While obviously, men aren't going to request a doctor's prescription for synthetic women's hormones (at least not for medical reasons, perhaps for cosmetic reasons, but that's not really relevant); if men's testosterone levels get to be too high the body converts it into the same toxic form of estrogen that has been and is still being used in Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat menopausal women, and often times illicit use of testosterone products (like anabolic steroids) and adaptogens (over the counter substances believed to increase testosterone in men or improve physical performance i one way or another) is what leads to excessive female hormones in men. These excessive female hormones can lead to prostate cancer, heart disease and other ailments.[5]


[1] "... numerous studies demonstrate excess estrogen can cause breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers (all of which are considered estrogen dependent cancers), cervical dysplasia (a precancerous condition characterized by abnormal changes to cervical tissues), and even contribute to menopausal symptoms." Source:

[2] "Since men lack this female anatomy, they need to produce estrogen through a process involving an enzyme called aromatase that transforms testosterone into estradiol." - Source: Life Extension

[3] "The reason you see symptoms like shrunken testicles and breast enlargement is because a lot of excess testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen,” Drincic says." - Source: EveryDayHealth

[4] Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testes in men and, in smaller amounts, by the ovaries in women. There can be positive effects from slightly elevated testosterone levels in men, or there can be negative effect from testosterone levels that are extremely high. Source: LiveStrong

[5] How too much testosterone can lead to prostate cancer in men.

Dr. Pamela Egan is a primary care doctor in Covington, Louisiana whose specialties include being well over a decade ahead of the curve with regard to bioidentical hormones used in hormone replacement therapy compared with synthetic HRT; and closer to 20-25 years ahead of medical science when she broke the story that vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol - the form of vitamin D molecularly identical to vitamin D absorbed from sunlight) was vastly superior to what until the article was published was the standard bearer of vitamin D supplements in vitamin D2, also known as ergocalciferol. D2/ergocalciferol are synthetic and not bioavailable like vitamin D3.

Dr. Egan's was the first to address the subject (of D2 vs D3), and is now among the world's most plagiarized articles as a result. Even well known internet doctors like Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola (along with every major health site) have regularly plagiariazed Dr. Egan's work.

Because of Dr. Egan's research and articles on vitamin D3 and the manner in which they revolutionized the supplement industry such that D3 is virtually all that's still being made, and D2 has become difficult to find in stores or online. This author expects this research involving BHRT to Synthetic HRT to have a similar impact in time. Once word spreads that someone actually researched the topic and found that the results did not match the medical consensus opinion, smart physicians will accept and embrace the science while less intelligent doctors will argue the validity of the research for any number of ulterior motives at which we can only speculate.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Robert Mann

Robert Mann Given One Final Chance to Defend His Defamatory Statements or Apologize for Knowingly Lying

By: Peter Egan

Robert Mann is the type of person who would assassinate the character of people he's never met and knows very little about, then go into hiding when confronted about the intellectually dishonest libel he published in a number of places in print (shame on the editor) and on his blog.

I came upon "Bob" Mann's attacks on my father and I while researching my own name. I issued a rebuttal, decimated all of his talking points, immediately notified him when my rebuttal was published and offered to publish any response he would like to offer, either defending his knowingly false narratives or apologizing for spinning innocuous words so that with all context removed, he could mislead readers into thinking that the context-free, selectively chosen quotes represented the narrative that he was trying aggressively to push --- notably that my father and I are bad people.

Robert ("Bob") Mann
He went down the entire list of liberal stereotypes of others and called one or both of us racist, sexist, homophobic, insensitive and a variety of other names, none of which had even so much as a modicum of truth to them.

I responded to inform him that his plan to libel me without me finding out had failed, and that I would afford him an opportunity to apologize or defend his words, the latter being virtually impossible after I'd demonstrated that his conclusions did not follow his premises. His logic was laughably bad, and I took no mercy in pointing that out.

The issue is that true to form, the cowardice that defines him has kept him in hiding from me. He knows he cannot defend the indefensible, he knows he can't match wits with me and he knows that he knew at the time he wrote his original hit piece that there wasn't a word of truth to it. A real man would have apologized and accepted responsibility for a childish temper tantrum against people he doesn't even know and hasn't even met. If he had any character or fortitude he'd have asked for forgiveness, and it would have been granted so long as his apology was made public.

Robert Mann: Libelous loser still too cowardly to defend his intellectually dishonest character assassination of two good men; each of whom is 1,000 times the man he is.

Maybe that's why there's an extra "n" at the end of his name... Trying to compensate for being such a sad little excuse of a man.

Unfortunately, I cannot relate to such a pathetic individual. He is so far beneath being a beta male combined with my suspicion that he's almost certainly lacking in the "manliness" department (very low-T); and the fear that he'll have his absence of academic integrity exposed. I may leave him to remain cowering in fear inside whatever to rock you've been hiding under since I first confronted him should he fail to respond to this message.

Dictionary: Coward - See "Robert Mann"
Dictionary: Coward - See "Robert Mann"

Heed this warning that if I take a hiatus so you don't die of a panic attack, it does not mean that you're off the hook.

Before the end of the year (2017) Robert Mann will either need to write a letter of apology to myself and my father, with a copy of each going to the Times Picayune/NOLA as well as both the New Orleans and Baton Rouge Advocate. An additional copy must be published on his blog where his defining trait (cowardice) is still on full display.

Mr. Mann's deadline is December 31, 2017, to send the letters to my father and I. If you wait that long, you may not submit a copy of either letter to any newspaper until they've returned to a normal news cycle. Sending them when they could be published on a day nobody is reading news (New Year's, Christmas, college football bowl games and playoffs all must be out of the each paper's content lineup when the letters are sent.

The hard deadline for sending a copy to every major newspaper in the area is January 12.

Mr. Mann is welcome to submit them early so long as it's not during Thanksgiving or any other annual event that dominates news for at least a day.

At the end of each letter Robert Mann will thank me for being so benevolent towards him, and he must sincerely ask my forgiveness. If he puts in the effort, I will accept. Should he fail to take this most generous of offers lightly and not meet my demands to my satisfaction, he will look back on it as among the worst decisions he's ever made in life.

I think I've been pretty clear about what is expected of Mr. Robert Mann. It is NOT in his best interests to fail to do as I have instructed.

He's got plenty of time, so the letters better be good. One wrong word (suppose he wrote it in a sarcastic or cynical tone, for example), and I will metaphorically castrate him in all areas of life, and there will be no second chances.

I'll see to it that each of the first ten pages of search results (a number typically in the #neighborhood of 100 web pages) for searches of the name "Robert Mann" return pages I will have created and written and they will contain whatever I deem fit. To reiterate, that is whatever I see fit --- I and I alone will determine what Mr. Mann's eternal online legacy will be. I'm quite capable of making good on these threats, so he'd have to be a complete fool to pass on this most generous of opportunities.

And defining your eternal online legacy however I so choose may not be the only consequence he will face if he fails any portion of what he's been told to do.

The letters had better damn well be good and they better be sincere.

Robert Mann

Mr. Mann made a very bad decision when he chose to libel my father and I, and now his path of least resistance involves a simple yet sincere apology. He will acknowledge that he knew he took statements out-of-context in an attempt to depict each of us in an unflattering manner. He will admit that he knew perfectly well what was said by each of us and chose to play semantics to try to discredit us, damage our names and our reputations.

Everything Mann have been instructed to do is consistent with what is known to be truthful and accurate regarding this situation. That's not even mentioning that it's the right thing to do on his behalf, and the only mature option in his possession.

This will be HIS one and only opportunity to issue an apology for his prior transgressions. Showing a modicum of humility and demonstrating that he can admit when he's wrong, and he knew at the time you wrote the initial hit piece that he were being deceptive in the way you attempted to discredit and belittle us; will save him from great suffering. I will do everything I can do that is not illegal to ensure his is the legacy of a coward, and that the eternal internet of things remembers and associates the name Robert Mann with terms like cowardly, intellectually dishonest, sinister and liar long after we're both gone from this earth.

If I were him, I would NOT reject this olive branch. I've already written the legacy of one person who crossed me, and if ever my written synopsis of Robert Mann's life and who he is as a person is how his eternal legacy is written, I will do far more damage to Mann's name than he did to mine, and it will be far worse than was the case for the last unrepentant piece of trash who behaved badly enough toward me that it merited a retaliation.

If Mr. Mann needs any more convincing that enduring a few days of feeling humbled is an extraordinarily generous offer, he should ask himself if he'd be okay with his great grandchildren learning everything they'll ever know about their grandfather from me, what I wrote about him and did what is necessary to ensure top position in organic search results for his name as the search term.

After all, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander." I can be very creative too, Mr. Mann.

Imagine the your unborn generations having to grow up knowing the founding patriarch of their family was best remembered for being a liar, a coward and all-around low-life.

This should be the single easiest decision you'll ever have to make.

All that I am asking of you is that you do what is right, acknowledge that you be
came carried away amid the heat of a white hot election, and knowingly lied, conveniently left out the ever-important context, spun what was said out of context to fit your narrative and attempted to convince a large group of people that my father and I said things we did not say (nor say anything remotely similar). You did this with malicious intent. Had you not libeled me I likely would have never have even heard your name.

Apologize to my father and I, or at the very least attempt to defend your remarks about us. If you do either of these (the latter has to be serious and since I already discredited every argument you made in the hit piece, you'll have to admit making a very poor case against us and one which was easily debunked.

Should you fail to do any of this, I will be left with no choice but to establish control of search results for queries involving your name, so as to ensure that the top 100 or so results are either hosted on sites I either own or control, or are social media pages that link to the pages on my sites.

I feel like I am being extremely generous by giving you an opportunity to repent. I will not be bullied by some effeminate leftist, so this is your one and only opportunity to prevent me from writing the version of your biography that will be remembered and will still be available 150 years from now.

You have until the end of the year to submit a draft to my father and I as a gesture of good faith. You have until January 12, 2018 to have published the letter to your blog and to the two newspapers which published the print version of your letter.

The fact that one of their contributors knowingly lied for the sake of character assassination is newsworthy in itself. Since I've already proven your claims false, there is no reason either publication wouldn't publish a letter from me exposing the intellectual dishonesty in the letters these entities published which you wrote, prior to my thorough debunking of them.

You have until January 12, Mr. Mann. If you were smart you'd make appeasing me and admitting your childish mistake among your top priorities until such time as I am satisfied with your efforts at repentance and show of remorse.

Should you 
continue hiding from me, I will male the consequences you will face far worse than if you stand by your statements and attempt to defend them. Wrong as you may e in doing so, it would at least demonstrate that you have some measure of fortitude and aren't so cowardly that your photograph belongs in the dictionary next to the word.

This is your final warning. Please do not make me destroy your reputation forever.

The original response which was shown to Mr. Mann within 10 minutes of being published can be found here:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Peter Egan's First TV Ad

Peter Egan's First TV Ad

Peter Egan has long had an affinity for talk radio, especially sports talk radio. Unfortunately, Peter doesn't have the kind of voice that is needed to thrive as a professional talk show host. He does however have a face for Television, and got his first taste of being on TV during the fall of the 2015 and 2016 when the ad ran regularly on Fox 8 New Orleans, including during a number of New Orleans Saints football games.

Peter Egan TV Commercial

As a result of the ads running during Saints games on the network on which all games are televised, complete strangers regularly approach Peter to ask if he's 'that guy I saw on TV?'

Peter's mind was blown at the number of people who remembered his face from seeing it in a TV ad in which his face is not even visible for the whole ad, and is only featured for six or seven seconds.

The advertisement is for EGAN Home Health and Hospice, southeast Louisiana's premiere provider of home health care, hospice and palliative care services as well as medical staffing and private-duty sitting services and related home care and other caregiving, respite and companionship services.

For what it's worth, EGAN's claim to being the premiere home health agency in the region is not an opinion. There are facts obtained by an objective third-party (Medicare via its "Home Health Compare" ratings system). This factual information for every legit agency (legit being defined as being Medicare certified) and therefore subject to their routine scrutiny and comparisons between agencies as well as how each company ranks relative to state and national average scores for a given category, nearly all of which measure the quality of care in quantifiable terms.

EGAN routinely outperforms virtually (if not) all other companies in both the state and nation in approximately 97-99% of the quality of care metrics taken into consideration.

More information about this is available on the EGAN Home Health and Hospice blog. This includes screenshots, direct quotes from and other related info. There are a number of screenshots, so someone who may not be very good at navigating the web can see exactly what Medicare has said about EGAN and how EGAN towers over the competition when it comes to the actual quality of the healthcare services they provide.

While the ad directly above (click the play button to see the commercial) may have been Peter's first appearance in a television commercial, it will almost certainly not be his last. Peter is nearing completion of a website for a business he had hoped to launch in August but was delayed as the development of the interactive site was more complex than anticipated. However, the business will still launch when it's ready, and when it does, if you watch TV or listen to sports talk radio you'll be seeing and/or hearing Peter in future ads to promote the launch of the new company.

While he's been very tight-lipped about the soon-to-launch business, he has been quoted as saying that in the words of President Donald Trump, it will be "Yuge."

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Re: The Best Advice May Be Right in Front of You

Re: The Best Advice May Be Right in Front of You

The following is a response to an article I came across on Medium. The article was entitled "The best advice might be right in front of you," and was written by a guest contributor named Ammar Shallel, who works for a public relations firm called Eleven Eleven PR.

The article was about obtaining knowledge, and the point the author was trying to make is that sometimes people that are easily accessible possess the knowledge one seeks, when the person seeking the knowledge may be under the impression that getting a hold of the information seems unrealistic and unreasonably difficult.

Because this post began as a comment, it is written in the first-person and directed toward Ammar and/or anyone else who happens to read his article.

My response to the article linked to above is as follows:

Mr. Shallel, I'd like to first commend you on this excellent blog. For the record I agree with the general point.

Unfortunately, sometimes this method can backfire…

I’m in the process of developing a website for a business I hope to launch within the next few weeks. I had a few questions about which direction would best meet my goals. I simply wanted to know if WordPress had any plug-ins that could do what I needed, if a similar one could be modified and what I should expect to pay for the work.

So I posted my questions on the “WP Plug-Ins” help forum. I did this deliberately. I did NOT want it going on the “Jobs” forum, where I would be inundated with emails, resumes, portfolios and offers without ever receiving a satisfactory answer to my question due to the inherent conflict of interest between myself (who is seeking to pay market value for the minimum amount of work necessary) and WordPress developers, who’s prerogative is to earn as much money as possible. This can be easy to do when the client doesn’t know the extent or difficulty of the work required.

Well, a “volunteer admin” on a power trip moved my post from its original location to the jobs section, and within 24 hours I had received no less than 1,500 emails. There were three total out of those 1,500 that even bothered to make an attempt to help me learn what I need and what I should pay for it.

I had to delete the email address, as the volume had become unmanageable as a result.
Point being is that while yes, in most cases the answers a person seeks are closer than he or she may realize. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes a task that should have taken an hour tops is drawn out for three days.

I was so frustrated with her after explaining my rationale and asking her to just delete it rather than move it to the jobs forum (she moved it anyway against my wishes) that I wrote a blog about it to vent.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

311 Concert Rocks New Orleans (August 04, 2017)

27 Years as a band from Omaha, 311 can still put on a kick-ass show

By: Peter Egan

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Hi, my name is Peter Egan. On Friday, August 04, 2017, I was privileged to experience my tenth 311 concert. Of the ten, two were 311 Day (March 11) shows in New Orleans, and the two are easily the two best concerts I've ever had the pleasure of being in attendance.

311 Performs in New Orleans

I'm a huge 311 fan, as you might have guessed by the fact that I know every lyric to every song they've ever written as a band, and have seen them in concert ten - TEN - times. To put that into perspective, the next closest bands for whom I've seen live performances, are Pearl Jam with three and No Doubt with two. I've always wanted to see an Incubus show, but the logistics have never worked out.

Peter Egan and friends at 311 show in NOLA

The concert wasn't among the best 311 shows I've been to (having seen two 311 days, albeit I've yet to make the 311 Day cruise when the band opts for that instead of a mega-concert, typically involving them performing for 4-5 hours. The set list was a mere 24 songs, nine of which were from 311's most recent album (it debuted about a month ago), "Mosaic."

I found it a bit odd that 311 did not play a single song from any of their most recent studio albums prior to Mosaic. I just hope the set list was assembled to make the most members of the audience happy, and not a reflection of the band's perception of their four albums preceding Mosaic.

311 Symbol at start of concert when the band first took the stage.

It was a good show. All things considered I'd rate it an 8/10. I've been to better 311 shows and I've been to at least one that left me unsatisfied.

Choosing Champions Square near the Superdome for the venue was a great idea. The acoustics were spectacular, and I found there to be better sound quality than any of the shows I've attended next door at the Smoothie King Center.

Nick Hexum singing at 311 concert in New Orleans - 2017 Mosaic Tour

As long as these guys keep making new music and going on tour, performing live, I'll keep buying those digital downloads and concert tickets.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Expert Advice on Fishing for Catfish

Expert Advice on Fishing for Catfish

By: Peter Egan

Peter Egan is a college graduate with a degree in Public Relations, and has a career working for EGAN Home Health and EGAN Hospice in a PR and Marketing capacity (he knows enough about health, medicine and nutrition to be a healthcare professional, however he does not have the credentials). His knowledge of health and medicine gives him a great advantage with regard to the public relations and marketing work he does.

He has worked in journalism, has coached a championship football team (6th-8th grade), and has a resume that's quite impressive to say the least. He knows a lot about a lot, and has been successful in virtually every endeavor he's ever undertaken. I'm sure there are exceptions, but can't think of any at the moment.

All that said, perhaps Peter's greatest passion in life is fishing. He really enjoys inshore saltwater and brackish water fishing. However because his residence is located alongside a major river (for St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana), he finds himself fishing for freshwater catfish more than any other species. Peter likes to fish for bass, however the Tchefuncte River has been under tremendous fishing pressure in the twelve years since the area's population more than tripled in a span of a few years.

Tchefuncte River

Tchefuncte Bass and Gar Populations are Suffering

The bass seem to be feeling the added pressure more than the catfish. Gar (both alligator and spotted) have seen their population decimated from being a prevalent fish to being nearly nonexistent in under a decade. What's truly intriguing about this is that gar are not good fish to eat, but their dinosaur-like appearance has made them the target of an annual fishing rodeo specifically for gar, and that rodeo has fished them to near-extinction in the past decade.

Catfish Hold Their Own Amidst Added Fishing Pressure

Catfish however, while not as prevalent as they were pre-Katrina, still have a healthy enough population to justify spending time fishing for them. They (and bluegill/bream/sunfish, etc.) are the only species one can set out to catch and provided they know what they're doing, can conclude the trip with at a minimum enough fish to make a meal for an average-sized family. On a good day, it's not outside of the realm of possibility to catch 20-50 catfish weighing over 1.5 pounds (an arbitrary number I determined was the approximate size at which a fish is worth keeping for food as opposed to releasing at letting it grow).

Admittedly, other fishermen may not have the success I routinely experience. The reason for this is that I have had two decades to experiment with chumming techniques, and after 20 years I've mastered the science of it. There is always scent appealing to catfish in the water behind my house, and I've found over the years which scents the fish prefer and which scents travel best. In other words, I'm really good at chumming the waters for catfish.

Peter Egan holding two catfish

The idea behind scent traveling is that the river's water-level is constantly rising and falling, and with it the water-level in the bayou along which my house exists roughly 125-150 feet from the main river. When the water level falls, the scent from my chum buckets goes into the main river along with the water. The fish in the main river that encounter the scent then follow it back to my back porch. This has resulted in me consolidating several hundred catfish that I can catch at any time right from my back porch.

Anyway, in the article appearing at, I go into detail about the various methods of fishing for catfish, and explain which water conditions and water bodies (think pond vs lake vs river) correspond to the fishing techniques available.

I broke catfishing into six primary categories:
  1. Weighted bottom fishing.
  2. Bottom fishing – no weight.
  3. Just below the surface using a bobber to keep the bait at the desired depth.
  4. Fishing near the bottom using a bobber or sliding cork to help identify when a strike occurs.
  5. Jugs/Noodles/Trot-Lines
  6. Noodling
Please read the article at entitled Fishing for Catfish to learn about each different technique, and learn when each should be used to maximize the effect of the technique relative to the conditions.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to follow up. Please direct questions to the main article at in the form of comments and I will try to reply in as timely a manner as possible with the most accurate information I can obtain.

Learn to Chum for Catfish

Saturday, July 1, 2017

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