Monday, January 29, 2018

Target Practice

Target Practice

Below are some photos of Peter Egan's cousins Brooke and Bailey Gonzales taking target practice. 

The final image is a target that Peter fired 8 rounds at from 75 yards with a .243 hunting rifle. All eight shots hit the target (two hit the same spot), including one bull's-eye.

Brooke Gonzales taking target practice.

Brooke did very well, hitting the target more often than not.

Bailey Gonzales taking target practice.

Bailey took a little while to get the hang of it, but once she did she was deadly from 150 feet.

Peter Egan hit the target with all 8 rounds he fired, including one bull's-eye.

Above is the target that I (Peter) used at 75 yards (225 feet), firing eight rounds with a .243 hunting rifle. All eight shots hit the target, with two rounds going through the hole bottom-right. I hit the bull's-eye once, and was inside the inner circle with all 8 rounds.

I would say that's decent marksmanship for a guy who hadn't fired a gun in over a year prior to this.

While not the actual gun used in these photos, below is photograph of a .243 hunting rifle, which is the gun we were all using when these pictures were taken.

I don't hunt because I don't like the cold. I'd much rather be fishing, especially fishing for catfish.

I have to go to my parents' house to take target practice as the area in which I reside is too suburban to fire a gun.

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