Friday, March 17, 2017

Peter Egan to Resume Posting to This Blog

Peter Egan to Resume Posting After Six+ Years

I was doing some regular maintenance on one of my accounts today when I came across this blog. I hadn't posted here in more than six years, so obviously a decision had to be made as to whether I resume posting, leave it be or delete it altogether.

Ultimately, the blog address (my first and last name, followed by blogspot-dot-com) was too good to just throw away.
There are a lot of folks out there who share my name. I think it's important that everyone, not just the world's other men named Peter Egan, know that I am the real, authentic Peter Egan, and everyone else is just named after me.
I'm not concerned with the fact that some were born prior to myself, and thus, have held the name longer than I have. That much is immaterial to me. What's important is that I'm the real Peter Egan, and this website/blog is just one small portion of the mountains of evidence supporting that conclusion.
Once we're all gone from this earth, mine will be the name that is remembered by future generations, who will neither know nor care that I was but one of hundreds of people on earth with the name I intend to engrave into the annals of history before all's said and done.
In any case, if I were to delete the blog it would potentially open it up for someone else to register, and to leave it in the condition it had been in would have been to leave it in a state similar to an abandoned, condemned building with broken windows, graffiti... You know, that house juvenile delinquents go to in order to engage in activities from which they should probably abstain? That's what this blog had become.
I spent a few hours tonight cleaning it up, removing the broken links, deleting posts that were topically relevant at the time they were posted but made no sense in today's context.
I intend to resume posting here regularly, if I had to guess I'd says maybe once-to-twice per month, for the foreseeable future.
I will also be posting regularly to my new site, the official website of Peter Egan.