Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chumming for Catfish

Chumming for Catfish

Fishing expert Peter Egan took the time to write a very nice article on how to effectively chum when fishing for catfish in hopes of catching more and bigger fish.

There is a lengthy article that goes into loads of detail on Egan's website. The article talks about strategies for long-term chumming for people who live on or near the water such as he does (he resides along the Tchefuncte River in Covington, Louisiana). He also details strategies for people who are just going fishing for a day and don't have the luxury of keeping scent in the water for weeks or months at a time.
Channel Catfish
The article can be found here:
The article is accompanied by a four-part video series entitled "How to Chum for Catfish."
The videos can be viewed below. To read the accompanying article you'll have to visit Peter's official website via the link above.

How to Chum for Catfish

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